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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Visconti, G-iuletta, the Galli, Amorevoli, Monticelli, Van-neschi and his wife,Weedemans the hautboy, the prompter, &c. The bouquet was given to the Giuletta, who is barely handsome. How can one love magnificence and low company at the same instant! We are making great parties for the Barberina and the Auretti, a charming French girl; and our schemes succeed so well that the Opera begins to fill surprisingly; for all those who don't love music, love noise and party, and will any night give half a guinea for the liberty of hissing—such is English harmony!
I have been in a round of dinners with Lord Stafford, and Bussy8 the French minister, who tells one stories of Capuchins, confessions, Henri Quatre, Louis XIV, Gascons, and the string which all Frenchmen go through, without any connection or relation to the discourse. These very stories, which I have already heard four times, are only interrupted by English puns, which old Churchill translates out of jest-books into the mouth of my Lord Chesterfield, and into most execrable French. . . .6
Adieu! I have scribbled, and blotted, and made nothing out, and, in short, have nothing to say, so good night!
104.   To HOEACE MANN.
Arlington Street, Jan. 6, 1743.
You will wonder that you have not heard from me, but I have been too ill to write. I have been confined these ten days with a most violent cough, and they suspected an inflammation on my lungs ; but I am come off with the loss of my eyes and my voice, both which I am recovering, and would write to you to-day. I have received your long letter of December llth, and return you a thousand thanks
6 AWb6 de Bussy, an adroifc diplo-      Office.    (Memoirs of George III, ed.
matist.   He was private secretary to     1894, vol. i. p. 45 n.)
the Duo de Richelieu, and one of the        6 Passage omitted, chief clerka in the French Foreign